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Patricia Pla is a jewelry designer from Barcelona, with over 10 years of experience.

In the collections of jewelry designed by Patricia Pla will reveal his passion for art, along with the sculpture that I wanted to capture it in the world of jewelry.

The first collection "Piet Mondrian" was a tribute to the artist Piet Mondrian. Patricia Pla designed silver pieces very geometric with a touch of enamel reminiscent Mondrian.

Later it was a collection "Plec" volumetric parts designed for the urban woman and the century that gave a touch of elegance and personality.

He has exhibited in several galleries, one, Velvet da Vinci, a virtual gallery with a group show called "Anti-War Medals."

Barcelona designer Patricia has its plan and other parts of the Cooperative Architects ( that appears in the magazine's Christmas store.

Patricia Pla is who likes to innovate and prepares its new collection of designer jewelry, inspired by the world of fashion